YOU Show
Oct 2017- April 2018

The YOU Show was started in 2010 as a platform for local emerging artists to launch their new work. We hand over the keys to the theatre to the artists for a day and they test-drive a new project. Since its inception, this program has launched nearly 60 new shows from a diverse group of local artists, and many of these have gone to be presented at festivals across the country.

Announcing The YOU Shows for 2017/18

*all shows are in the Intrepid Theatre Club

October 7, 2017
SHOW:-Live Group Sex Therapy 
PRODUCER: Dick Loss Prevention/Ryan Levis

Ryan Levis, author of Dick Loss Prevention, is bringing his style of utterly vulgar comedy sex education to the YOU Show Series. If you’ve A, got a dick, or B, enjoy the occasional dick this show is bound to leave you in stitches thinking about how a dick can be a beautiful thing. It’s comedy dick jokes to raise the bar on how dudes do it. So shelve that knee jerk offended-ness and preconceived idea of how sex education is boring, and come along on a hilarious journey to discover the magical satisfaction that dicks have to offer!

The show deconstructs the sexual stereotypes of masculinity and attempts to encourage men into more pro-social sexual and mental health practices.

November 3, 2017
SHOW:-A Thousand Anxious Nights
PRODUCER: Dana Neily

There’s nothing funnier than a serious mental illness! Spoken word performer Dana Neily attempts to unravel the truth about the lies we tell ourselves, starting with the biggest one we were told as children: YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE. Through poetry and storytelling, common tales like celebrating your nineteenth birthday, not punching people at funerals, and the power of friendship from beyond the grave, will be told and turned over in the light of Dana’s experiences with anxiety and depression.

November 4, 2017
SHOW:-Are We Clear? 
PRODUCER: Bridget Roberts & Jasmine Li  

It’s not as simple as you see. The red jelly bean isn’t always strawberry. The green one isn’t always apple. The people you see everyday have different stories than yours. Are We Clear? is a devised piece created by UVic theatre students striving to uncover the world of invisible disabilities. The Victoria community has been integral in our devising process, sharing their experiences with us. When you see someone constantly misspelling a word, do you think she’s dumb? Or do you consider that she might have dyslexia? How about when a young man takes the priority seat on a bus, do you see him as disrespectful? Or could he have chronic pain? These are just a couple of examples you could see on a daily basis. Come together with us to reevaluate what it is to be “normal”.

Nov 22+23, 2017
PRODUCER: Kholby Wardell

Through personal stories, original songs, movement and drag, Kholby Wardell reflects on the triumphs and tragedies of his and his Mom’s journey through her eating disorders, mental illness, abuse, love, and loss. LIFE ON REPEAT explores patterns of grief and self destruction and his fear that the cycle will never be broken. Join Kholby for this first workshop presentation of a new one-person musical about love, life, family, and finally… moving forward.

Jan 12+13, 2018
SHOW: open face beholding
PRODUCER: Delaney Tesch

One-part living art exhibition, one-part theatre performance, open face beholding is an exploration of the relationship between atheist artists and Catholic iconography. Creator Delaney Tesch seeks out the liminal space between sacred and profane – a space which inspires both faith and creativity – and brings it to life in this immersive new performance piece.

Feb 2+3, 2018
SHOW: Standing Still & Tusk Turns 1! (Double bill)
PRODUCER: Cory Thibert & Tony Adams / 
May Can Theatre

Working title: Standing Still (by Cory Thibert)
A staged reading
When Cory was 18-years-old, he found life pretty confusing.
Did he really lose his virginity to his girlfriend?
Who is that man that walks out of all of his plays?
How does a pet mouse represent true love?
And how does he still not know the specifics of his Mom and Dad’s disability?

Tusk Turns 1! (by Tony Adams)

After 33 years of being alive, Tusk, is having his first ever birthday. Come celebrate with him and cousin, Tilly, as Tusk goes from zero to being one. Tusk Turns One! is a look at family and cycles of abuse that is equal parts birthday celebration, bruises, and apology (with karaoke, violence, and cake, respectively).

Writer, Creator, Performer – Tony Adams
Creator, Performer – Cory Thibert
Content Warning: Graphic Violence/ Depictions & Mention of Abuse

March 16 +17, 2018
SHOW: Animal Medicine
PRODUCER: Eddi Wilson

What do you get when you cross a Two-Spirit Métis agnostic, a career in veterinary medicine, and a pathological preoccupation with parasites? Part biology lesson, part pet therapy session; Animal Medicine explores the experience of a self identified human seeking a cure for their condition. Eddi Wilson uses music, monologue and movement to dissect what they have learned from a life spent staring in the microscope.

April 6+7, 2018
SHOW: Mixed-up
PRODUCER: Surrounded By Owls/John Aitken

Mixed-up explores the many over-lapping cultural similarities between John Aitken’s Coast Salish lineage and his Scottish lineage. This production will explore John’s struggles and celebrations to define his identity as a person of mixed ancestry.

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