Accessibility at the Fringe

Welcome to the Fringe! The Victoria Fringe is committed to creating an inclusive environment and creative home for patrons, artists, staff, and volunteers. We are continually working to identify and break down barriers so that the Fringe can be enjoyed by all. On this page, you’ll find information about our visual venue guides and stories for each Fringe venue and select shows, accessible tickets program, ASL Interpreted performances, and shows with relaxed elements from the 2023 Fringe.

Find the info you are looking for below on this page, or download the full 2023 Accessibility Guide or at-a-glance Show Guide.

Download the full Accessibility Guide

Download the at-a-glance Show Guide

The at-a-glance show guide is a breakdown of in-person shows with key information such as dates, genre, suitability, content and trigger warnings, and accommodations provided.

Fringe ‘On the House’ Program

We are offering a new ‘Fringe on the House’ program* this year. If for any reason the cost of a ticket is beyond your means, we have a select number of tickets per show available for free, no questions asked. Just call our box office at 250-383-2663 or e-mail to book.

*Fringe on the House tickets are limited to one ticket per person, per show, up to
a maximum of 5 shows.

Venue and Box Office Accessibility

Fringe Headquarters Box Office

The in-person box office is located at Fringe Headquarters (Intrepid Theatre), at 2 -1609 Blanshard Street (at Fisgard).  The box office area is wheelchair accessible. There is no public washroom at the box office.

2024 Hours: TBA!

Booking wheelchair accessible seating: Please indicate that you need wheelchair accessible seating in the provided accessibility needs box when you book your tickets online, or let our box office coordinator know if you book tickets in person.

When you book tickets, there is a field that asks if you have any accessibility needs. Please let us know of any needs or requests there, and we will make sure to accommodate them when we assign your seats.

Seating: If you require priority seating, please arrive 25 minutes in advance and the Front of House team can assist you.

If you have booked an accessible ticket, it will be accompanied by a free Fringe Button which you can pick up at the door or box office.

All shows start on time. Depending on the show, latecomers may not be seated.

2023 Fringe Venues

There are 5 venues for the 2023 Fringe this year, and 4 site-specific show venues

Venue 1: The Metro Studio Theatre

The Metro Theatre is wheelchair accessible. 

There is one wheelchair accessible washroom on the main level, through the door that also leads to backstage. Please let a Front-of-house manager or volunteer know if you need to use the accessible washroom (they will be wearing Fringe lanyards and nametags), and they will be happy to show you through. The main patron washrooms are up a set of stairs and are not wheelchair accessible.

Venue 2: Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) Wood Hall

The VCM Wood Hall is wheelchair accessible and has accessible washrooms in the lobby area before the theatre entrance. 

Venue 3: The Roxy Theatre

The Roxy is wheelchair accessible. It has one washroom that is accessible.

Venue 4: The Baumann Centre

The Baumann Centre is wheelchair accessible, however some doors are not automatic and heavy and a Fringe volunteer will be on site to support. 

Venue 5: The SKAM Satellite Studio 

The SKAM Satellite Studio is wheelchair accessible. 

Unconventional Venues: 

Site A: Finnerty Gardens

Finnerty Gardens is wheelchair accessible.

Site B: Banfield Park Dock

Banfield Park Dock is wheelchair accessible.

Site C: Macauley Point Park

Macauley Point Park is wheelchair accessible.

Site D: Philippine Bayanihan Centre

Philippine Bayanihan Centre is wheelchair accessible.

2023 Venue Guides

A venue guide, or visual story, is available for every venue. These guides have full information on venue location, arriving at the venue, and what to expect when you’re there.

View or download the Metro Visual Venue Guide

View or download the VCM Wood Hall Visual Venue Guide

View or download the Finnerty Gardens Visual Venue Guide

View or download the Victoria Event Centre Visual Venue Guide

View or download the Market Square Visual Venue Guide

View or download the Intrepid Studio Visual Venue Guide

View or download the Baumann Hall Visual Venue Guide

View or download the Roxy Visual Venue Guide

View or download the SKAM Satellite Studio Venue Guide

View or download the Macaulay Point Park Visual Venue Guide

View or download the Belleville Street Green Visual Venue Guide

Visual stories and guides were created with folks on the autism spectrum in mind, but may be useful for everyone. The visual guide gives written information and pictures about what to expect at the venue when you come to see a show, including transit & parking, arriving at the venue, bar/concessions, what to expect during a show, and Covid safety information.

Each guide is a screen-reader accessible PDF. Please contact if you need it in a different format.

2023 Visual Stories & Sensory Guides

Some shows also offer a show-specific visual story with a scene-by-scene overview, including major events, characters, and design changes. It lists items such as when to expect loud noises or major visual changes. Visual stories are typically created for people on the autism spectrum, and can also be useful for those who want to know what to expect before coming to a show.

Expand the button below to see which shows have resources available, and to view and download them.

These resources are all provided in PDF format. If you require a different format, please contact Kaylee at or 250-383-2663.

Visual Stories

Visual Stories & Sensory Guides

The following shows have a visual story/Sensory Guide (click to view or download):

Pico and the Golden Lagoon

New Earth Bandits 

Bad Dog

Humans of Fairy Creek


2023 ASL Interpreted Shows

Fringe Eve Preview, August 23 at Market Square, 5:30-8pm
Celexia, August 24 at The Roxy Theatre (Venue 3), 5:45pm
Innocence Astray, August 24 at The Roxy Theatre (Venue 3), 6:15pm
Moby Dick, August 25 at Metro Studio (Venue 1), 7:00pm
Pico and the Golden Lagoon, August 26 at The Roxy Theatre (Venue 3), 1:45pm
Sadec 1965: A Love Story, August 26 at VCM Wood Hall (Venue 2), 4:15pm
Jimmy Hogg: The Potatoe King, September 1at VCM Wood Hall (Venue 2), 6:00pm
Aliya Kanani, Where Are You From, From?, September 1 at VCM Wood Hall (Venue 2), 8:00pm
Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower, September 3 at Baumann Centre (Venue 4), 12:15pm

Relaxed Performances

2023 Shows with Relaxed Elements

2023 Shows with Relaxed Elements

Please note they are no dedicated relaxed performances at the 2023 Fringe, rather there are shows with relaxed elements such as reduced lighting and sound cues, house lights kept on or low, and the option for audiences to come and go as they are comfortable. Intrepid Theatre is committed to continuing to learn more about relaxed performance practices and offering these elements in our festivals. 

The following shows have relaxed elements:

Pico and the Golden Lagoon – 1 Show Saturday, September 2nd 12:00pm

The Big Wail – 1 Show Thursday, August 31st 6:00pm 

Oh Mother – 2 Shows; Tuesday, August 29th 2:15pm & Saturday, September 2nd 2:00pm

Infinity Gardens – 2 Shows; Sunday, August 27th 4:00pm  & Friday, September 1st 4:00pm

2023 Script Library

Select shows have provided a script for audience members who wish to read in advance of attending the show.

The script library is password-protected. Password: readfringe23

Go to the Script Library

More about the Script Library

Some shows have provided scripts, in case it is useful for audience members to read in advance of attending the show. ​​While building the script library, we have in mind people whose first language isn’t English, people who process information better textually, d/Deaf and h/Hard of hearing people, people who would like to review the script for content that may be sensitive or triggering, and anyone who would like to know more about a show’s content in advance.

The following 2023 shows have a script in the script library:

Sadec 1965: A Love Story

Pico and the Golden Lagoon

Oh Mother 

Moby Dick 

Bad Dog

Scripts are all provided in PDF format. If you require a different format, please contact Kaylee at or 250-383-2663.

Visit the Script Library here. The password is readfringe23

2023 Show Introductions for Blind and low vision audience members

2023 Show Introductions for Blind and low vision audience members

A show introduction outlines visual elements that are essential to understanding a show, often a show that has minimal visual elements, in an effort to make the show accessible to Blind and low vision patrons without audio description.

The following show has an introduction guide for Blind and Low Vision audiences (click to listen or download):

Sadec 1965: A Love Story  Written & Audio

Bad Dog – Written & Audio

Audio Introduction:

If there’s information that’s missing, or you have any questions, please contact us at, (voice/VRS) 250-383-2663, or in person at Fringe Headquarters, 2-1609 Blanshard Street (at Fisgard).

If you would like to share specific feedback about a visual story or venue guide, please fill out our brief feedback form.

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