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OUTstages Theatre Festival is a celebration of theatre, of queer culture, and of possibilities. It brings together fearless queer artists and stories with eager audiences from this diverse island and abroad, seeking to be engaged, challenged and shown one hell of a good time at the theatre. This live, in-person festival takes place on Lekwungen Territory in downtown Victoria, BC. Read below for details on what the application processes have looked like in past years for reference.

Questions? E-mail Producer Emmett MacMillen at emmett[at]

Important Dates

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OUTstages Festival, January 30 – February 11 2024. Applications now closed. 

2024 Idea Series, OUTstages Festival. Applications now OPEN! Submissions due December 9, 2023 @ 5pm PST.

2024 Queer Youth Cabaret, OUTstages Festival. Applications now OPEN! Submissions due December 16 @ 5pm PST.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 16th 2023 5pm PST
FESTIVAL DATES: January 30th – February 11th 2024

General Information

OUTstages is a curated festival of live in person performance. Some shows are invited directly, but we also accept productions through the open application process outlined below. We are interested only in recently performed, finished work, 45-90 minutes in length.

We are looking for fully-produced shows, which are relatively “light” in their production requirements and can be performed in a tight festival repertory schedule (shows with big set installations or extraordinary technical needs may not be possible), and which have video documentation available that can be considered by the jury. International applications are welcome.

For 2024, we are seeking applications for small-scale touring work to play in our 40 seat blackbox, Intrepid Studio. These can be traditional theatre performances, cabaret, or performance installations.

What to Expect

Successful applicants receive one or two scheduled in-person live performances in a fully outfitted venue of 40-150 seats (we choose), with full festival technical, promotion and box office support. This year, we are only seeking shows for our small 40 studio space. A technical rehearsal will be scheduled with a professional technician, who will run your show. You are not required to bring a stage manager. We supply hotel accommodation and travel expenses for the performer. If you are travelling from out of province this would include air travel. Performance fees are negotiated individually in advance of the festival, usually $500-800 CAD per performance, depending on venue and number of performances.

Applicants and their team will need to meet all federal and provincial requirements for travel to BC in 2023/2024, be able to perform in person and observe the requirements of Intrepid Theatre’s current Communicable Disease Prevention Plan.

Application Guidelines

Applicants must submit support materials with their completed application: a link to a streaming archival video of the full show. You may provide relevant support material (press clippings, photos, reviews, resume) to help the programmers make an informed decision. Do not send a script. Due to the volume of applications, the jury will not provide written or oral assessments of individual applications.

There is a non-refundable, $37 CAD application fee (GST included) which must be submitted at the time of  application. Please submit only one application – if you have more than one show, we’d prefer you to select the one you’d most like to bring to the festival. Payment will be taken through your application form via PayPayl (no account required).

We understand that there’s usually a great team behind a great show. However, if your show has a large production team who needs to come with you, live musicians, or you have to travel with your stage manager or director, it makes it less likely that we can invite you. We are also unable to accommodate shows that have set or tech requirements that cannot be struck or reinstalled on a festival repertory schedule.  See the FAQs below more info.

DEADLINE: We must receive your application materials by 5pm PST, Monday October 15th 2023 for it to be considered. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. If your video doesn’t work when we try it, we will not be able to consider your application.


FAQs – Please read before applying!

How many shows do you program?

This year we plan to program 2-3 main stage productions from applications and a few ancillary events/parties/performances/play readings.

How many people can be in my show?

We are looking for solo or small cast shows, the number of people needed to travel for your show affects our ability to program your show.

What kind of shows are you looking for?

Live, in-person performance with a theatrical perspective and a queer view: comedy, drama, theatre for young audiences, cabaret, musical theatre, physical theatre, puppetry, clown, spoken word, multimedia, storytelling and stand up. The festival will present work that deals with a uniquely, but broad 2SLGBTQIA+ perspective: queer issues and themes, sexuality, gender, feminism, queer activism, and sexual identity.

What kind of venues and equipment do you have? Do I need to bring a technician?

We use two venues for the festival – the Metro Studio (150 seats) and the Intrepid Theatre Club (40 seats). Due to COVID, capacities for the venues will likely be less. Change-over time between performances is limited, so if your show involves a permanent installation (ex: a full set) or cannot be performed with a festival lighting plot and a reasonable number of specials, we will probably not be able to accommodate you. All technical equipment and tech support are provided, including video projectors, screens, and festival sound and lighting. You may have a technical rehearsal of up to 5 hrs.

Do I do my own promotion?

Intrepid Theatre will be responsible for blanket promotion of the festival, including festival posters, program guide, press releases and arranging interviews with the media.  If you have leftover posters or press kits from a previous engagement or festival run, we’re happy to distribute them.

Will you send my materials back?

No. Please make sure you have copies of your own, we will not return any materials submitted with applications.

Can I send a VHS tape or DVD of my show? How about a live audition?


How about a web link to a full video?

If we can stream it, this is great – yes. But please don’t send anything we have to download.

My show is really great but I don’t have a video. Can I apply with a script?

The jury gives equal weight to the performance and the content of the show. If we can’t see you perform, you are at a huge disadvantage. Think about taping your show and applying next year.  It doesn’t need to be professionally produced – we are used to watching archival videos, and as long as we can see and hear you, we can overlook fancy video production values. Some of our favourite shows have had really, really terrible videos.

I applied before but didn’t get in, can I apply again?

If the show you submitted has had further development since we saw it last, please – ie. it moved from a workshop production (which we saw last time) to a full production, we will consider it.

I was planning to tape my show later this year, can I apply and send the video later when I have it?

Late applications and materials cannot be considered.

What is your COVID Safety Plan? How will the pandemic impact travel?

Please see this link for our current Communicable Disease Prevention Plan (subject to change depending on PHO orders). Applicants and their team will need to meet all federal and provincial requirements for travel to BC in 2022/2023, be able to perform in person and observe the requirements of Intrepid Theatre’s current CDPP.

More Questions? E-mail Artistic Producer Emmett MacMillen at emmett[at]

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