UNO History

For over 20 years, UNO Fest has presented hundreds of solo artists and more than 300 shows in North America’s longest-running solo performance festival. Here are all the lineups going back to our first rather grandly named UNO Festival of Solo Performance, way back in 1997 in the basement of the Bedford Hotel!

UNO 2020*

*Note, these are the artists who were initially programmed to appear in UNO 2020 before the in-person iteration of the festival was cancelled. Listed below that is UNO Online, the festival that took place during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Book of My Shames (Isaiah Bell, Victoria)

But Wait! There’s More! (J McLaughlin, Victoria)

asses.masses (Patrick Blenkarn + Milton Lim, Vancouver)

LESS + MORE (Dustin Harvey, Halifax)

Monstrous (Sara Waisvisz, Ottawa)

Sansei: The Storyteller (Kunji Mark Ikeda, Calgary)

Who Killed Gertrude Crump? (Monster Theatre, Vancouver)

Lost Together (UnSpun Theatre, Toronto/Tkaronto)

UNO Works Curated by Lindsay Delaronde, featuring Teri Ejere, Kemi Craig, Visible Bodies Collective (Elowynn Rose, Cheryl Henhawke, Nicole Mandryk, Lindsay Delaronde), Lindsay Delaronde.

UNO 2020 Online 

The Book of My Shames – Isaiah Bell & Sean Guist (Victoria)
This Time I Mean It! – J McLaughlin (Victoria)
Gemini – Lindsay Delaronde (Victoria)

Monstrous – Calalou/Sarah Waisvisz (Ottawa)
Sansei: The Storyteller – Cloudsway Dance Theatre/Kunji Mark Ikea (Calgary)
Who Killed Gertrude Crump? – Monster Theatre/Tara Travis (Vancouver)

Monobrow – various artists

UNO 2019

Venues: Intrepid Theatre Club, Metro Studio, Fernwood Square

Inner Elder (Michelle Thrush, Calgary)

Raising Stanley/Life With Tulia (Kim Kilpatrick/Tulia, Ottawa)

Certified (Jan Derbyshire, Vancouver)

Adrenaline (Ahmad Meree, Toronto)

my dear Lewis (Kyle Loven, Vancouver)

She Grew Funny (Joanne O’Sullivan, Toronto)

Untitled – A New Work (Britt Small, Victoria)

Heatseeker (Hank Pine/Jenson Kerr, Vancouver)

AWKWARD HUG (Cory Thibert, Vancouver)

Carey-OK! : Timeless Timely Tunes (Carey Wass, Victoria)

Rocko and Nakota: Tales from the Land (Josh Languedoc, St. Albert)

Jellyfish are Immortal (Sydney Hayduk, Winnipeg)

Trophy (Sarah Conn and Alison O’Connor, Ottawa).

UNO 2018

Extremophiles (Downstage/Georgina Beaty, Calgary)
The Humours of Bandon (Fishamble, Dublin, Ireland)
The Chemical Valley Project (Broadleaf Theatre/Kevin Matthew Wong, Tkaronto)
Dream Another Day (Stand Up Dance/Meagan O’Shea, Toronto)
SELF-ish (Classy Little Bitch Productions/Diana Bang, Vancouver)
My Nightmares Wear White (Talk Like You Theatre/Grace Thompson, Toronto)
“Perk Up, Pianist!” (HagenDoesTheatre/Sarah Hagen, Charlottetown)
UNO Works: Bonhomme (Atomic Vaudeville/Britt Small, Victoria)
The Only Good Indian (Pandemic Theatre/Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Tom Arthur David, Justine Shore – Tkaronto/Victoria)
Jezebel, at the Still Point (Bumble Bear Productions/Ainsley Hillyard, Edmonton)
Our Fathers, Sons, Lovers, and Little Brothers (Makambe K Simamba, Calgary)
White Man’s Indian (Darla Contois, Winnipeg)
bug (manidoons collective, Yolanda Bonnell)
Ideas Bobert! (Candy Bones Theatre/ Candice Roberts, Vancouver)
Omelette (Puzzle Theatre/Csaba Raduly, Montreal)
Landline (XOSecret/Dustin Harvey + Adrienne Wong, Halifax + Victoria)
Red Phone Project (Boca Del Lupo, Vancouver)
Monobrow Solo Slam XVII (various local and visiting aritsts)

UNO 2017

(Venues: Metro Studio, Intrepid Theatre Club, Martin Batchelor Gallery, Wingate Studio at the Baumann Centre)

WTF? (or What’s Theatre For?) – reWork Productions, Halifax

After the Beep – Theatre SKAM, Victoria

Quiver – Proper Slang Productions, Toronto

4 1/2 (ig)noble truths – zeitpunktheatre in association with Why Not Theatre, Toronto

Do What You Love – Naked Empire Bouffon Company, San Francisco

This Time I Mean It – J McLaughlin, Victoria

Charisma Furs – Tender Container, Vancouver/Toronto

Small Town Hoser Spic – rice & beans theatre, Vancouver

Last Train In – rice & beans theatre, Vancouver

I’m Doing This For You – Never Mind the Noise, Toronto

The Secrets of Naming Clouds – Kerri Flannigan, Victoria

Broken Tailbone – Nightswimming, Toronto/Vancouver

SIGN FELT! – Alexandra Tatarsky, New York

Burn Job – Placeholder Productions, Vancouver

UnoWorks – Sarah Murphy, Ann-Bernice Thomas & Eddi Wilson, Victoria

Uno 2016

(Venues: Metro Studio, Intrepid Theatre Club, McPherson Playhouse, Baumann Centre at Pacific Opera Victoria)

The Unfortunate Ruth – Tara Travis / Monster Theater, Vancouver

Shylock – John D. Huston, Toronto

La Voix Humaine – Pacific Opera Victoria

In the Blue of the Evening – Amelia Van Brunt, San Francisco

Circus Incognitus – Jamie Adkins, Montreal

In Search of Cruise Control – James Gangl, Toronto

Reek Czasu: River of Time – Barbara Poggemiller, Victoria

Inside/Out – Neworld Theatre in association with Main Street Theatre & Urban Crawl, Vancouver

Understudy – Gillian Clark, Halifax

ana – Impulse Theatre, Victoria

Lavinia – Jon Lachlan Stewart, Montreal

Laissez-Faire – Freya Bjorg Olafson, Edmonton

okay.odd – Hong Kong Exile, Vancouver

A Chitenge Story – Makambe K. Simamba, Calgary

Uno 2015

(Venues: Metro Studio and Intrepid Theatre Club)

Sea Sick – Alanna Mitchell / The Theatre Centre, Toronto

Suitcase Stories – Maki Yi, Vancouver

UnoWorks: The Year of Falling Down – Meg Braem

Fylm – Simon Munnery, UK

The Rendez-vous – Krin Haglund / Le Radiant, Montreal

Magic Unicorn Island – Jayson McDonald, Vancouver

eatingthegame – Hong Kong Exile (HKX), Vancouver

Porn & Pinochet – Andy Canete, Vancouver

DISSOLVE – Shameless Hussey Productions, Vancouver

UnoWorks: Against Gone – Jess Amy Shead, Vancouver

Slick (Premiere), Karen Lee Pickett, Victoria

Me, Myself and Eye – Stéphanie Morin-Robert, For Body and Light, Montreal

Half Girl / Half Face – Surplus-Value Theatre, Toronto

The Lion, the Bitch and the Wardrobe – Sharon Mahoney, Victoria

Real Mature – Shirley Gnome, Vancouver

The Incompleat Folksinger by Pete Seeger – The Other Guys Theatre Company, Victoria

Monobrow Solo Slam XVIII & XIV  – Winners Justine Shore and Christina Patterson

6 Guitars – Chase Padgett, Portland, OR

God is a Scottish Drag Queen II – Mike Delamont, Victoria

Uno 2014

Hirsch – Alon Nashman, Toronto

Bunny Bunny: Gilda Radner – A Sort of Love Story – Rosaruby Kagan, Montreal

Of the Causes of Wonderful Things – Too Close to the Sun, Montreal/Australia

Weak Sauce – Sam Mullins, Toronto

The Rite of James Biddle (12-hour novel reading) – Andrew Bailey, Victoria

Kafka and Son – Theaturtle Productions, Toronto

Shangri-La – Judy Wensel, Regina SK

OC Dean – Daniel Maslany, Regina SK

Loon – Wonderheads, Portland, OR

Unpossible! – Travis Bernhardt, Victoria

Ginger Nation – Shawn Hitchens, Toronto

Cancer Can’t Dance Like This – Daniel Stolfi, Toronto

Songs and Stories of Davy the Punk – Bob Bossin, Gabriola Island BC

Stories of Love and Passion – Rosie Bitts, Victoria

UnoWorks: ana – Impulse Theatre; Slick – Karen Lee Pickett; Chautauqua Dreams – Mily Mumford

Monobrow Solo Slam X & XI (Cabaret) – Various, Intrepid Theatre, Victoria

Uno 2013

American Utopias – Mike Daisey, New York, NY

My Pregnant Brother / Mon fréré est enciente – Johanna Nutter, Montreal

One / Un – Mani Soleymanlou, Orange Noyée, Montreal

How to Disappear Completely – Itai Erdal / The Chop, Vancouver

White Rabbit / Red Rabbit – with Johanna Nutter and Jayson McDonald / Elbow Theatre

Fear Factor: Canine Edition – John Grady, New York

Underbelly – Jayson McDonald / Stars and Hearts, London ON

When That I Was … – Christopher Hunt, Calgary AB

Til Death: The Six Wives of Henry VIII – Tara Travis / Monster Theater, Vancouver

Huff – Cliff Cardinal / Cardinal Kantor Productions, Toronto

Butt Kapinski: We are the Dark – Deanna Fleysher, Los Angeles

Unoworks: Shattered – Andrew Barrett, Victoria

Unoworks: Keeper – Emma Zabloski, Victoria

Unoworks: Sketches from the Diary of an Artist, Debra Skelton, Victoria

Unoworks: The Show Must Go On – Jeff Leard, Victoria

Unoworks: Borderland – Izad Etemadi, Victoria

Monobrow Solo Slam VII & VIII (Cabaret) – Various, Intrepid Theatre, Victoria

Uno 2012

The God That Comes (a work-in-progress) – Hawksley Workman/2b theatre, Halifax NS

Blue Box – Carmen Aguirre / Nightswimming, Vancouver / Toronto

UnoWorks: Where’s My Flying Car? – Missie Peters, Victoria BC

UnoWorks: Cougar Annie – Katrina Kadoski, Sooke BC

UnoWorks: I Be Caribou – Constance Cooke / Alisoun Pane, Victoria

Press>Play – 4 audio monologues, various artists, Intrepid Theatre

God is a Scottish Drag Queen – Mike Delamont, Victoria BC

Photo Booth – Dave Morris, Victoria

Jake’s Gift (5th anniversary) – Julia Mackey / Juno Productions, Vancouver

The Adversary – Andrew Bailey, Vancouver, BC

Canterbury Cocktails, Julian Cervello, Scrumpy Theatre, Victoria

Four Quartets – Deborah Dunn / Trial & Eros, Montreal

The Birdmann – The Birdmann, Australia

Those Who Can’t Do… – Erin Fleck, Toronto

The Atomic Weight of Happiness – Meagan O’Shea / Stand up Dance, Toronto

Monobrow Solo Slam V and VI (Cabaret) – Various, Intrepid Theatre, Victoria

Uno 2011

All Stories are Fiction  – Mike Daisey, New York

Racoonery! – Morgan Brayton, Vancouver

Gibberish – Chris Gibbs, London UK

GITA: God in the Army – Celia McBride  Sour Brides Theatre, Whitehorse, YT

Lucky 9 – TJ Dawe, Big Sandwich Productions, Vancouver BC

The Further Adventures of Antoine Feval – Chris Gibbs, London UK

Public Confessions of a Public Servant – Missie Peters, Victoria BC

Women in Fish – urban ink, Vancouver, BC

History: Deleted Scenes and Extras – Nile Séguin, Toronto ON

The Future of Theatre – Jeremy Bailey, Toronto

Son of Africville – Justin Carter, Victoria BC

The Devil and Billy Markham – Matthew Kowalchuk, Vancouver BC

Deck: How I instigated then Overcame an Existential Crisis Through Home Improvement – Lucas Myers / PilotcoPilot, Nelson BC

UnoWorks: Rosie, Gina McIntosh / WAVE Theatre

UnoWorks: Diamond Tiaras in the Gutter, Andrew Bailey

UnoWorks: A Quick Grab, Jung-ah Chung

Reading: Celia McBride

Uno on Film – And Everything is Going Fine (Stephen Soderbergh)

Monobrow Solo Slam IV (Cabaret) – Various, Intrepid Theatre, Victoria

Uno 2010

Bring out Your Dead 3 (Cabaret) – Various, Intrepid Theatre, Victoria

Monobrow Solo Slam (Cabaret) – Various, Intrepid Theatre, Victoria

Red Bastard – Eric Davis, New York

Cariboo Buckaroo – Matthew Payne / Theatre SKAM, Victoria

Readheaded Stepchild – Johnnie Walker /  Nobody’s Business, Toronto

Like Father, Like Son? Sorry. – Chris Gibbs, London UK

The Power of Ignorance – Chris Gibbs, London UK

Japanglish – Yumi Ogawa, Vancouver

Never Again – J McLaughlin, Victoria

Cakewalk – Jen Wilcox, Victoria

Ducks on the Moon – Kelley Jo Burke, Regina SK

Grandma Noda’s Tigers – Christopher Little, Halifax NS

Limbo – Andrew Bailey, Victoria

Gunpowder – Jayson McDonald / Stars and Heatrs, London, ON

Actionable – Bob Wiseman, Toronto, ON

Choice Words –  various artists, Tell-Tales, Victoria

Uno 2009

Cute with Chris LIVE – Chris Leavins, Los Angeles, CA

Napoleon’s Secret Diary – Ryan Gladstone / Monster Theatre, Vancouver

Cam & Legs – Brian Fidler, Ramshackle Theatre, Whitehorse, YT

Pyaasa – Anusree Roy, Toronto, ON

Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry – Daniel Barrow, Winnipeg MB

Big Shot – Jon Lachlan Stewart, Edmonton

Lupe: Undone – Melissa D’Agostino, Toronto

I ain’t dead yet – Tim Machin, Toronto

My Name is Rachel Corrie – Neworld Theatre, Vancouver

Jumpin’ Jack – Lyle Victor Albert, Edmonton

Who the Hell is Todd Allen? – Todd Allen, Vancouver

Some Reckless Abandon – Cara Yeates, Vancouver BC

Emergence – Krystal Cook, Puente theatre, Victoria

AfterLife – Candy Simmons, New York

UnoDanz – Collections #3: Headdress, Yvonne Ng – Suddenly Dance Theatre, Victoria

Uno Danz – The Whole Beast Lee Su-Feh / Battery Opera – Suddenly Dance Theatre, Victoria

UnoWorks – Rhinestone Studded Cotton, Kelly Metzger

UnoWorks –  Limbo, Andrew Bailey

UnoWorks – Wrought’n Mettle: the Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brian Culp

UnoWorks – Transcanada 69, Colin Godbout

UnoWorks –  The Ten Most Dangerous Moments in Canadian Theatre, Matthew Payne / Theatre SKAM

UnoWorks – Domestic Remiss, Treena Stubel

UnoWorks: The Animal Show, Katie Hood

Monobrow Solo Slam – Various Artists / Theatre Bombus, Victoria

Uno 2008

An Evening with Uncle Val – Andy Jones, St John’s NL

You Fancy Yourself – Maja Ardel, Toronto

Diary of A Madman / Dream of a Ridiculous Man – Clayton Jevne / Theatre Inconnu, Victoria

miyo-åcimowin: A Good Story – Rob Hunter, Victoria

Chile Con Carne – Romina Miranda / Puente Theatre, Victoria

Giant Invisible Robot – Jayson McDonald, London ON

Teen Angst Poetry Night – Sara Bynoe, Vancouver

Pitch Blond – Laura Harris, Victoria

Fear of a Brown Planet – Nile Séguin, Toronto

Phobophilia –, Montreal

UnoDanz: Avenue of Butterflies, Bare Handed, Song

Swimming to Cambodia by Spalding Gray – Shawn Watson, Victoria

Antoine Feval – Chris Gibbs, Toronto

Bubkus – Jesse Buck, Ottawa ON

Hamlet (Solo) – Raoul Bhaneja, Toronto

Blood.claat: one womban story – d’bi.young.anitafrika / Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto

Choice Words (Cabaret) – Victoria Storyteller’s Guild

Uno Fest 2007

(Venues: Metro Studio, Alix Goolden Hall)

Jake’s Gift – Julia Mackey, Vancouver

Last Call – Holly O’Brien, Montreal

Teaching As You Like It – Keir Cutler, Westmount, QC

Baby Love – Christen Clifford, New York

The Little Death – Marina Sossi Group, Frome, UK

The Before the End of the World Tour – Jason Trachtenberg Slideshow Conception, Bob      Wiseman & the Phonemes

Mad Dog Racing –  Marty Burt, Halifax NS

Putz – Andrew Bailey, Victoria

Of Marvels and Monsters – Jill Tracy, San Francisco

The Unfortunate Adventures of Masha Galinski – Erin Shields, Toronto, ON

Her Father’s Barn – Pauline Liengme, Antigonish, NS

The Wandering Jew – Boris Sichon, Mission BC

Bring Out Your Dead II (Cabaret), Various Artists,  Intrepid Theatre Victoria

Now More Than Ever – J McLaughlin, Victoria

Uno Fest 2006

(Venue: Metro Studio)

Tiny Ninja Theater Presents HAMLET – Dov Weinstein, New York

Jesus in Montana: Advenutres in a Doomsday Cult – Barry Smith, Aspen, CO

Out of the Bog – Jonathan Harris, St John’s NL

I Will Make You Orphans – Sean Christopher Lewis, Iowa City

Bonhoeffer – Peter Krummeck, Cape Town, SA

An Unfortunate Woman – Nicola Gunn, Australia

The Power of Ignorance – Chris Gibbs, London UK

Evelyn Reese’s Potluck Dinner – Susan Fischer, Toronto

Toasting the Snow Bride – Katie Hood, Victoria

J McLaughlin’s Apocalypse – J McLaughlin, Victoria

Bring Out Your Dead (Cabaret) – Various Artists, Intrepid Theatre, Victoria

Uno Fest 2005

Invisible Atom – Anthony Black, 2b theatre company, Halifax NS

Uber Alice: The Elaborate Adventures of a New Zealand Manicurist – Jonno Katz, Australia

Patti Fedy in . . . The Hunt – Emelia Symington-Fedy / The Chop, Vancouver

Lift and Separate – Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, Vancouver

Downtown to Chinatown – Sara Barron, New York NY

One Man Star Wars Trilogy – Charles Ross, Victoria BC

The Reefer Man – Russell Bennett, Vancouver BC

Everything is Sick and Wrong – J McLaughlin, Victoria BC

Novena – Mary Beath Badian, Toronto

Fable: Based on  a True Story – Adam Lazarus, Toronto

Lives of the Saints, 9 monologues (Cabaret Promenade) – Intrepid Theatre, Victoria

Uno Fest 2004

Curse of the Trickster – TJ Dawe, Vancouver

The Piano Tuner – Robert Astle, Montreal

Man 1, Bank 0 – Patrick Combs, San Diego CA

Does this Monologue Make Me Look Fat? – Amy Salloway, Minneapolis, MN

Night Stills – Meagn O’Shea, Toronto

A Room of One’s Own – Naomi Wright, Vancouver, BC

Flavour of the Week – Alex Sobler, New York

Girlesque – Sean Owens, SanFrancisco, CA

Voices – T Crane, Vancouver

UnoCab – Various Artists

Island, 9 monologues (Cabaret Promenade) – Intrepid Theatre, Victoria

Uno Fest 2003

(Venues: Belfry Arts Centre Studio and Mainstage)

To the Wall – Andy Jones, St John’s NL

Burnt Tongue – Shannan Calcutt, Winnipeg

Lylice – Jen Nails, New York

The Elephant Club – Nicola Gunn, Australia

That Sweet Thief – Laura Gavini, Vancouver

The Last of the Red Hot Dadas – Christina Augello / Exit Theatre, San Francisco

Not Yet, At All – Edith Tankus, Toronto

The Face of Everything – Daniel Barrow, Winnipeg, MB

An Evening with Big Bill Broonzy – by Will Grealish, Okun Ubanga Jones, UK/FR

Blind Date, 9 monologues (Cabaret Promenade) – Intrepid Theatre, Victoria

Uno Fest 2002

(Venues: Open Space, Lucky Bar, Belfry Arts Centre Studio)

Road Movie – Mark Pinkosh / Starving Artists Theatre Company (Los Angeles, CA)

Blood on the Moon – Pierre Brault, Sleeping Dog Theatre (Toronto, ON)

The Slip-Knot – TJ Dawe (Toronto)

Teaching Shakespeare (A Parody) – Keir Cutler (Montreal)

Viva Frida – Constance Cooke, Judith Wong (Victoria)

Saving the Desert Tortoise – Richard Harrington (New York)

Dziddilly Boom – Peter Balkwill / Czapno Ensemble & Old Trout Puppet Workshop  (Calgary)

See Me Naked – Maria Glanz, Seattle

Plum and Other Colours – Susan Bertoia (Vancouver)

UnoCab Starring Patti Fedy! – Emelia Symington Fedy + guests (Vancouver)

Zodiac, 12 monologues (Cabaret Promenade) – Intrepid Theatre (Victoria)

Uno Fest 2001

(Venues: Open Space, Silver Threads, Craigdarroch Castle)

An Evil Night Together – Jill Tracy in Concert, San Francisco

The Great Love of Queen Victoria – Danett Boucher, Vancouver

Coyote Lips – Barbara Poggemiller, Victoria

Out of My Skin – Shannan Calcutt, Arborg MB

Showerhead – Keira McDonald, Seattle

Krapp’s Last Tape – Kevin Williamson, Vancouver

The Kimono Loosened – Yuki Kawahisa, Japan/Vancouver

How to Find Your Mate – Jacqueline korb, Vancouver

Little Voices – Lucas Foss, Vancouver

Deep Fried Dreams – Patricia Léger, Victoria

Labrador – TJ Dawe, Toronto

Show Me the Way to Go Home – J McLaughlin, Victoria

2000 – no event

Uno Fest 1999

(VENUE: Open Space Gallery)

Erosion – Sarah Williams (Montreal)

Nothing Lasts but Memory – Joan Laage, Dapin Butoh (Seattle)

Snatch – Shannon Anderson (Calgary)

The Ugly Duchess – Paul Terry (Victoria)

Dried Flowers – Alice Breeze (Grimsby, ON)

Objects in the Mirror are Stranger than they Appear! – Lyle Victor Albert (Vancouver)

Pleased to Meet You – Jacqueline Korb (Victoria)

Lady of Letters – Lisa Hurd (Toronto)

Split – Victoria Stanton (Montreal)

The Lecture – Linda Brokenshire (Toronto)

The Hats of Mr Zenobe – Robert Astle (Echo Lake, YT)

Backwards Into China – Heidi Schreck / Printer’s Devil Theatre (Seattle)

Uno Fest 1998

(VENUES: Open Space Gallery, Kaleidoscope Theatre)

The Idiot Variations – Rinde Eckert, New York

Amazingly Ridiculous – Gordon White, Vancouver

Kicked – Michael Healey, Toronto

House – Peter Scoular, Vancouver

Bard Chick Tells All in Shakespeare’s Women – Berni Stapleton, St John’s NL

Tripych – John G. Boehme, Victoria

In Hiding Out – Cara Lynn McDowell, Vancouver

Out of Stillness / A Gathering Blue – Holly Bright, Nanaimo

Paper Son – Byron Yee, San Francisco

Rotten to the Core – David Roche, Toronto

Whank – TJ Dawe, Vancouver

The Mathematics of Change – Josh Kornbluth, San Francisco

Sister Windy . . . My Life as Art – Kevin Kent, Seattle

Sin City, 7 monologues (Cabaret Promenade) – Theatre SKAM, Victoria

Uno Festival of  Solo Performance 1997

(VENUE: Basement, Bedford Hotel)

Situation Norma – Anne Marie Sheffler (Toronto)

Scraping the Surface – Lyle Victor Albert / Theatre Terrific (Vancouver)

A Pale and Lovely Place – Kevin Joyce (Seattle)

What Jeffrey Thinks – Jeffrey Oulette (Victoria)

Wild Things: Legends of BC – Story Theatre Company (Victoria)

Wild Abandon – Mike Rinaldi / Theatre SKAM (Victoria)

Zero to one in 90 minutes – Cabaret

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