Uno Fest
May 18-28

A great solo show is theatre in its most concentrated form: a performer, an audience, a story to be told. The 19th Uno Fest takes you from the top of a tightrope to a final phone conversation, from life behind bars to a support group for Elizabethan literary figures. Intrepid Theatre’s Uno Fest, North America’s longest running festival of solo performance is a hotbed of experimental theatre and contemporary performance, featuring acclaimed artists, new voices, and local premieres. Intrepid Theatre has presented more than 300 solo shows at Uno, and is proud to bring some of the country’s – and the world’s – most innovative solo talents to Victoria every May.

Fact: the opening night performance of every show at The Intrepid Theatre Club and The Metro Studio is Pay-What-You-Can for tickets at the door.

See more and save with a shareable 5-Show Pass. Don’t miss our late-night mid-way festival party and Monobrow, Uno Fest’s 3-minute Solo Slam featuring local and festival performers on Friday May 20 10:30pm at The Metro Studio, admission by donation at the door and all proceeds benefit The Megan Newton Scholarship Fund.


Recent Uno artists include Evalyn Parry, Mike Daisey, Alanna Mitchell, Itai Erdal, Tara Travis, Cliff Cardinal, Deborah Dunn, Wonderheads, Alon Nashmann, Hawksley Workman, Shirley Gnome, Simon Munnery and Chase Padgett. Uno Fest has presented more than 300 solo theatre artists over the last two decades – have a look at our Uno Fest History.

Artist Applications

Uno Fest is a curated event with an open application process, adjudicated in the fall. You must submit a video of the full production you would like to bring to the festival. The application fee is $30. Applications for 2016 are now closed, but click here for more information future applications.

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