Apply for the 2024 Fringe

Victoria Fringe 2024 Applications and Lottery

Victoria Fringe 2024 applications will open September 15th 2023. The 2024 Fringe Festival will run August 21 – September 1.

2024 DATES

  • APPLICATIONS OPEN: September 15th 2023
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 15th 2024, 5pm PST
  • LOTTERY DRAW: January 18th 2024, noon PST
  • FRINGE FEE DUE: February 18th 2024
  • DROPOUT DEADLINE (with refund): April 18th 2024
  • 2024 FESTIVAL DATES: August 21st – September 1st 2024


2024 Fringe Applications are now closed. Applications for our Unconventional Venues, Spotlight Series, and Indigenous Artist Program are open untill February 19th 2024, 11:59pm PST.

ASL Vlog by Public Relations Specialist Connor Yuzwenko-Martin, from the 2022 Victoria Fringe Festival.

About the Victoria Fringe Festival

Victoria is home to one of the oldest Fringes in Canada. In past years, we have accepted about 45-50 indoor shows in this 7-8 venue festival, all within an 11 day event in downtown Victoria (located on the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, 2.5 hours from Vancouver, or 2.5 hours from Seattle, by ferry.) The 2019 Fringe attracted about 23,000 audience members and $136,000 was paid out to participating artists. For 2024, we are currently planning for a festival that will features 25-30 shows and 5 venues.

We also have a second lottery, the Unconventional Venue lottery. This lottery is open to off-site venues, site-specific venues, walking/moving outdoor shows, digital shows, etc. While you are welcome to apply to both the traditional Fringe lottery and the Unconventional Venue lottery, you cannot participate as both a regular lottery participant and an Unconventional Venue lottery participant; if you are selected in both, you must choose one.

What is the Fringe? The Fringe is an un-juried international theatre festival. Participating companies/artists bring their fully-produced shows to the festival, and receive 100% of their box office revenue. Ticket prices are affordable so the festival is accessible to the widest possible audience. All participating artists must agree to adhere to Intrepid Theatre’s Code of Conduct and Safe(r) Spaces Policy to participate.

What to Expect

Victoria Fringe provides

  • A friendly, professionally run, well-attended festival event in beautiful downtown Victoria
  • 5 scheduled performances of a show that is up to 60 min long
  • A fully outfitted venue (between 50 – 100 seats, depending on health orders)
  • One professional technician and one Front of House Manager
  • Box office ticketing and audience service, all tickets in advance
  • Up to 3 hours technical rehearsal
  • A listing/graphic in the Fringe online program guide and website
  • Blanket Festival Promotion
  • Online artist resources, workshops, and tutorials
  • 100% Box office receipts (advance ticket fees excluded)

You Provide

  • A fully produced show, ready to be seen by an audience. Your company is responsible for all aspects of production – casting, rehearsals, design, direction, promotion, budgeting, securing rights or licenses
  • Acquiring all applicable permits (permissions, visas, tax, waivers and for the payment of all applicable taxes and fees (GST, federal tax, royalties, Equity, ACTRA, SOCAN etc) for the company
  • All fees and expenses related to production of your show, including but not limited to cast, crew, production, rehearsal, liability, licenses
  • Adhering to deadlines for providing technical, safety and promotional material. Including submitting a COVID safety plan for your production for approval
  • Proof that all company members adhere to Intrepid Theatre’s Vaccination Policy, which requires all artists to show vaccine passports and ID
  • All your food, travel, work permits (if required), production, royalty, union fees, and artist fee expenses
  • Promotional materials specific to your show (posters, flyers, images, trailer etc), which YOU distribute
  • Specialty technical equipment that extends beyond the basic Fringe theatrical venue set up (ie. monitors, lapel mics, wireless mics, pianos, keyboards, fog machines…)

You are responsible for all aspects of production – casting, rehearsals, design, direction, promotion, budgeting. We provide blanket promotion, space, tech, and support for you to share your work, and opportunities to connect with audiences and other festival artists socially.

The Fringe Indigenous Artist Program

The Fringe Indigenous Artist Program is a program that provides a bursary, access and mentorship for local artists who self-identify as Indigenous, and wish to produce work as part of the Victoria Fringe. This program does not have an application fee, and successful applicants will be provided with a bursary for the full participation fee. 

>> View Full program details and application link 

How to Apply For Victoria Fringe

It’s easy to apply to the Victoria Fringe lottery. You will require a credit card or paypal account at the time of application, to pay the $30 non-refundable lottery fee. You can apply any time between the release of the applications and the deadline. You should receive an automatic confirmation of the receipt of your application. If not, check your spam or “promotions” (gmail) inbox.

Application Fee

The Fringe lottery application fee is $30, which is a non-refundable processing fee that all companies pay to apply to the lottery. Should your company be drawn in the lottery, the total participation fee is a $520 or $420 if the producer or core company self-identifies as equity-seeking artists (as outlined in the application), GST included. This is payable once you are drawn in the lottery, or if you are on the waiting list and accept a spot later if one opens up. You do not need to pay the full Fringe Fee upfront to apply to the lottery or to remain on the waiting list.

Why is there two different application fees?

Participating companies in the 2023 Victoria Fringe pay a regular participation fee of $520 CAD, GST included. The reduced fee of $420 CAD, GST included is for artists/companies who self-identify as equity-seeking. This is a way to increase representation in the Fringe artist community and encourage artists who face systemic barriers to be a part of the Fringe. We also have a Fringe Indigenous Artist Program, which provides a bursary, mentorship and flexible participation over a 1-2 year program.

How Shows are Selected

Fringe Applications are selected in four ways

  1. MAIN LOTTERY – Spots are drawn randomly from a hat, and accepted into regional quotas: Victoria/CRD (30%), Other BC (20%), Other Canada (35%), International (15%). When the quotas are full, we continue to draw applications for regional waiting lists. Our waiting list reflects the quotas (ie. If a BC company drops out, it will be replaced with another BC company.) 
  2. FRINGE INDIGENOUS ARTIST PROGRAM APPLICATIONS See instructions in above section. 
  4. UNCONVENTIONAL VENUE APPLICATIONS – There are limited spots, and participants must make their own venue and staffing arrangements.  

Code of Conduct, Safe(r) Spaces, Regulations & Responsibilities

Intrepid Theatre and the Victoria Fringe Festival are committed to creating a healthy, respectful, inclusive, safe environment for all individuals involved in our festivals in any capacity. We build and promote a climate of understanding and mutual respect where all individuals are equal in dignity and rights, and have the responsibility to treat others as such. All artists who apply for the Victoria Fringe must agree to adhere to and abide by our Code of Conduct. If any show, marketing material, or artist conduct from any member of a participating company is in violation of this, the company will be removed from the Victoria Fringe and/or lottery. For full details on our Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedure, click here. 

All participating companies may be required to submit a COVID Safety Plan for your production and must agree to adhere to the laws of British Columbia, Canada and the policies, procedures and safety restrictions of the Victoria Fringe Festival if this is required by WorkSafe, ActSafe or the BC PHO. This includes Intrepid Theatre’s COVID Safety Plan and Vaccination Policy (which requires all artists to show proof of vaccination). The Victoria Fringe reserves the right to cancel any or all performances of any performing company not adhering to these regulations. The Victoria Fringe organizers can, at their discretion, cancel confirmed applications should circumstances arise which in their opinion would interfere with the mounting of the production or the festival as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on the length of shows? Yes, we are limiting the shows to a maximum of 60 min. 

How many applications do you get? In 2023, we received 115 applications for 25 spots. 

What are my chances of getting in off the waiting list? It’s impossible to say. Some years there is a lot of movement on the list, and some years very few companies drop out. The longer you can hang in there, the more your chances improve.

Will you deposit my application fee if I’m not drawn in the lottery?  Everyone who enters the lottery pays a non-refundable $30 fee. We don’t ask you to pay the full Fringe participant’s fee unless you are drawn in the lottery – then you’ll have until the payment deadline to submit your Fringe fee to stay in the festival.

If I get a spot in the festival and decide to drop out, do I get my money back? If you notify us in writing by the drop-out deadline, you get 100% of the Fringe fee back if you decide to drop out. Thereafter, your entire application fee is non-refundable. You cannot sell or transfer your spot at any time.

What about billeting for touring artists? We cannot guarantee billeting for visiting artists during the pandemic. You should be prepared to seek your own accommodation. Subject to pandemic conditions we will endeavour to find limited local billeting for a nominal fee ($35 per person) for company members, but this will be dependent on availability and public health conditions at the time of the festival. 

What’s the deal with BYOVs in Victoria? Unlike some other Fringes, Victoria doesn’t have “Bring your Own Venues” but we have an Unconventional Venue Lottery this year, so you could find an off-site venue or site-specific venue for your show.  

How much money will I make at the Victoria Fringe? As an independent producer in a competitive marketplace, you are responsible for producing and promoting your show to the best of your ability. If you have a great show and are great at promoting it, you’ll do well. There is no meaningful “average” box office revenue because it varies widely, but a recent range was $5,000/$6000. Do the best show you can, tell people about it, and you can reasonably expect something between those two numbers!

I don’t live in Canada – is there anything I need to know? Participation is subject to health orders and travel restrictions at the time of the festival. All travel documents and fulfilling all entry requirements to Canada are your responsibility. It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your company arriving in Canada adhere to all COVID-19-related (or any other) public health requirements in place at the time of your arrival, including (but not limited to) vaccination requirements, testing and mandatory quarantine periods. You don’t require a work permit to do a Fringe Festival here, but non-residents of Canada are subject to a 15% Federal tax on earnings in Canada. You can apply for a waiver that may exempt you from all or part of this tax. We’ll send you more information if you are accepted into the festival. 

I’ve done the Victoria Fringe before. What can I expect that is different since 2019? The 2024 festival will be smaller than in past years – likely approximately half the number of venues. Tickets are all sold in advance and artists have 5 scheduled performances. Ticket prices will likely be $13-15. For touring artists, the billeting program will be subject to availability and pandemic conditions. All artists will be required to show proof of vaccination and may be asked to complete a COVID safety plan for your production. 

Questions? We are here to help. E-mail or call Emmett MacMillen, Producer at or at 250-383-2663.

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