Fringe Indigenous Artist Program

Pictured above: Johnny Aitken and Shelley MacDonald in The Gift, (Fringe IAP 2017). Image credit Roy Mulder.

Intrepid Theatre, producer of the Victoria Fringe, is located on the traditional and unceded territories of the Lekwungen People, now known as the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. We are committed to offering creative opportunities to artists and audiences, and building inclusive festivals that connect diverse communities through performance.


WHAT IS THE FRINGE INDIGENOUS ARTIST PROGRAM? The Fringe IAP is in its 6th year and provides access and mentorship for local artists who identify as Indigenous, and wish to produce work as part of the Victoria Fringe. The program incorporates collaborative mentorship, access to resources and support to strengthen participating artist’s producing skill-set and artistic practice based on their predetermined goals. The framework for the first Fringe IAP was devised by Two Spirit artist and activist Johnny Aitken (who is of Coast Salish, Haida and Scottish ancestry) and Intrepid Theatre staff in 2017. Hy’ch-ka Siem to Johnny for his invaluable input in shaping this program.

The Fringe provides:

  • 2 performance dates in a small scale venue (~50 seats) during Fringe
  • Rehearsal space, not in performance venue
  • 1 hour technical rehearsal on show day (with professional technician)
  • Program Mentorship 
  • 100% of the box office (tickets by donation)
  • Box office and audience service, including ticketing and Front of House Manager
  • Blanket promotion as part of the Fringe IAP and a show listing

Should an artist apply for the 2 year program, 2 performance dates of a in-progress show will be provided in the first year, and 5 performance dates of a fully developed show will be provided in the second year.

The Artist provides:

  • Two public readings or showings that are 30-60mins in length for Fringe. You/your company is responsible for all aspects – casting, rehearsals, direction, promotion, budgeting. 
  • All fees and expenses related to production of your production, including but not limited to cast, crew, production, rehearsal, liability, licenses, permits, all applicable taxes and fees. 
  • Providing proof that all company members adhere to Intrepid Theatre’s Vaccination Policy which requires all artists to show vaccine passport and ID upon request by Intrepid Theatre in accordance with current Provincial Health Orders.

Should an artist apply for the 2 year program, they will be responsible for 2 performances of a in-progress show in the first year, and 5 performances of a fully developed show in the second year.

Meet these year’s mentees:

tricoz productions: 2023/24 Fringe IAP Mentee

This year’s Fringe IAP mentee, Mizz Rory Keewatin

Tricoz Productions has put forth efforts to educate and deliver a variety of hopeful and enlightening ideas. From social justice to environmental development this small production shop creates opportunity to have full experience within most of its works.

WHAT HAS THE EXPERIENCE OF PARTICIPATING ARTISTS BEEN? You can read a series of interviews with Fringe IAP artists: Johnny Aitken 2017Rory Keewatin 2018/2021Nyla Carpentier 2019Elowynn Rose 2020/21.

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Intrepid Theatre is located on the lands of the Lekwungen People, now known as the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. We give our thanks and respect to the stewards of these lands, and to elders, past, present and future.