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The YOU Show was started in 2010 by Megan Newton as a platform for local emerging artists to launch their new work. From 2010 to 2019, this program launched nearly 80 new shows from a diverse group of local artists, and many of these have gone to be presented at festivals across the country.

In 2021, the YOU Show evolved to become conVERGE, a micro-residency and mentorship program to support emerging and early-career Indigenous, Black, and artists of colour.

About the YOU Show

What YOU need to know

This curated program was created with local emerging artists in mind who lack the funds, experience or opportunity to present their new works to the public. We give YOU the theatre for two days and YOU present a new work – everything from play-readings to applied theatre to improv to dance to experimental performance art – there are no limits! This is a breeding ground for new work, allowing local artists the opportunity to create and the chance to test-drive a new piece in front of an audience. This program provides an outlet that is low risk, low financial investment and high reward. The program aims to showcase a diverse range of performance disciplines and artists from diverse backgrounds.

All accepted YOU Show producers must be an existing Intrepid Theatre Company Society member, or become one upon successful application to the program.

What YOU get


– the Intrepid Theatre Club free of charge for two days – use of all in-house lights, sound, seating (you supply your own technician and box office)
– use of lobby and concession area (The Club is not licensed but you can obtain a liquor license and serve alcohol if you like)
– promotional support and artistic mentorship if needed
– if you want to do extra shows, or need added rehearsal or tech time, we can book this outside of your YOU Show contract. You will have access to free daytime weekday rehearsal space (subject to availability) and if you need additional evening time, you can book this at non-profit rates.


– advice and support in creating a press release and other promotional materials
– a media list for you to circulate your press release to and do follow up with
– promotion on our social media channels
– inclusion on our website and in monthly-ish e-news
– you must supply Intrepid Theatre with an image and show description 8 weeks before your show


– you can set up your tickets however you wish, advance ticketing or at-door and can use your choice of site/service (we suggest Ticket Rocket)
– we suggest a ticket price of $10 or by donation
– you will need to provide a volunteer and supplies for your onsite box office at your show


– we will provide a cash box, you supply your own float(s)
– you receive 100% of box office ($10/ticket or admission by donation)
– the producer (and main contact) must be an existing member of Intrepid Theatre Company Society, or become one upon successful application. We hand over the keys to the theatre to you and this $25 year-long membership (tax deductible) shows your investment to Intrepid Theatre (and makes us feel better).

Past YOU Show productions:

March 2010
PRODUCER: Jer Banks of Arbutus Productions/Fringetastic
SHOW: The Big Smoke by Ron Fromstein

This show went on to be fully staged and toured to sold out houses at the Victoria Fringe and then continued to tour the follow year to Fringes across Canada and to the Orlando Frigne.  The Producer of this piece also went on to start the Nanaimo Fringe.

April 2010
PRODUCER: Missie Peters of Not Your Grandma’s Poetry
SHOW:  Public Confessions of a Public Servant by Missie Peters,  Directed by Alex Wlasenko

 Public Confessions of a Public Servant chronicles Missie’s (mis) adventures as a public servant in 9 different ministries of the BC government.  The piece was presented as a staged reading for the YOU Show and went on to be fully produced and debut at the Victoria Fringe Festival in 2010. Missie was then invited to perform the show at the Uno Fest in May of 2011.

June 2010
PRODUCER: Ingrid Hansen of SNAFU Dance Theatre
SHOW:  Gnomeward Bound   (later renamed Little Orange Man)  Directed by Kathleen Greenfield

Gnomeward Bound is a story about a very imaginative little girl and her experiments with dreams.  It included physical theatre, puppetry and  storytelling.  After some rewrites, this show debuted in full at the Calgary Fringe the following month then went on to tour in the summer of 2011 to Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver, playing to frequently sold out houses.  It was chosen as Pick of the Fringe in both Victoria and Vancouver.

December 2010
PRODUCER: Justin Carter
SHOW: Son of Africville written and performed by Justin Carter Co-Written by Dama Hanks

This show started as a reading for Puente Theatre and is a lovely one man show about his mother and his journey to meet her one last time before she died.  Its YOU SHOW presentation was a staged reading with many of the production elements in place. It included new scripts edits and songs.  Son of Africville was invited to do a full staging of the show at Uno Fest in 2011 and played to sold out houses throughout the festival.  It has since been picked up to tour to the Maritimes.

January 2011
PRODUCER: Wave Theatre
SHOW: Rosie Written and performed by Gina McIntosh Co-directed/dramaturged by Monica Prendergast and Kate Rubin

This show was presented as a staged reading and following audience feedback, a new draft was written.  The new script was presented again at the Uno Fest in May 2011.  It was a story about a  woman consumed by her belongings and her tendency toward hoarding.

February 2011
SHOW: Wrath Created and performed by Andrew Barrett and Emily Piggford.

This physical theatre piece was created by students from UVIc and self produced through the YOUShow.  It was a great opportunity for university students to start producing their own work outside the department and gain a better understanding of the intricacies of self producing their work. The show was presented here then reworked and presented the following June in an extended and more polished version.  Both performances were accompanied by an art exhibit that explored the same themes and incarnations of anger and raw emotion.

March 2011
PRODUCER: Castlereigh Theatre Project
SHOW: Castle in the Sky written by Francesca Albright & Jude Allen

This piece was a  kind of theatrical documentary centered around the murder of a family in medicine Hat Alberta.  It was put together using over 200 hours of interviews.  After two days of workshops, the piece was presented as a staged reading with a talk back following.  The piece has since made its fully staged debut at Sage Theatre’s Ignite Festival in Calgary and has toured to many cities around Alberta, including going back to Medicine Hat. The newest version played April 2016 at The Belfry Theatre Studio A, directed by Britt Small.

April 2011
PRODUCER: Treena Stubel
SHOW: False Dilemna Created and Performed by Treena Stubel

This solo work in progress was a retelling of the book The Little Prince but with a female main character and a foundation in physical theatre and dance. Work continues on the piece.

August 2011
PRODUCER:  Joyce Kline
SHOW: Smash a Plate!  Written by Joyce Kline

 Smash a plate! Is a new musical and this was its second workshop reading.  This version included new songs and music and a new cast.  Since presenting the work and getting audience feedback on the two performances they did, Joyce has gone back for more drafts.

September 2011
PRODUCER: Catflap Creations
SHOW: Cantadora, Created by Janet Walker

This presentation of Cantadora was the first time this surrealist musical had ever been worked or staged.  It is a collaborative creation of a group of UVic students and  it is our only YOU Show to feature a live chicken.  Plans are in the works to restage it soon.

January 2012
PRODUCER: The Other Guys Theatre Co.
SHOW:  Cougar Annie Tales, by Katrina Kadoski

This musical play by local singer/actress Katrina Kadoski is about the West Coast pioneer. Katrina lived for several years at the Cougar Annie farm site and has used her unique insight to create songs and narrative to illustrate this amazing local character. This production has gone on to be featured in the 2012 Uno Fest’s Uno Works Series and continues to our the province.

February 2012
PRODUCER: Broken Rhythms
SHOW: Spark

This movement and dance based piece is on the theme of human evolution. The simplicity of the basic primal cell would transform into the complexity of multi-cellular animal life, eventually giving way to robotic patterns through the progression of this performance.

March 2012
PRODUCER:  Scrumpy Productions
SHOW: The Wyf of Bathe

This workshop was a staging of Julian Cervello’s (Canterbury Cocktails, Fringe 2011new one-man show The Wyf of Bathe. Performed entirely in its original Middle English, this raunchy and explicit, yet deeply moving 600-year-old comedy about the life of a Medieval woman named Alisoun demonstrates how timeless the structure of a ‘contemporary one-woman show’ really is. Julian is presented Canterbury Cocktails at Uno Fest 2012

April 2012
PRODUCER: Marina Legace
SHOW: Confessions of a Clown College Dropout

This workshop portrayed an intimate look into the private life of a performer; one who struggles to distinguish between fantasy and reality, with an inclination towards madness.

May 2012
PRODUCER: Andrew Wade
SHOW: The Romantics

This workshop was a script-in-hand staged reading of Andrew Wade’s first full-length, two act play, The Romantics. Andrew is becoming a well know local Fringe performer and this script won the Vancouver Young Playwrights award. This presentation was the first time the public had the work and feedback was welcome after the reading.

November 2012
PRODUCER: Jack Horne
SHOW:  Indigenous Like Me

Indigenous Like Me and tells the story of an Indigenous man coming to grips with the passing of his Mother and the culture clash this creates within his family. The play incorporates song, dance, and spoken word as Frank’s Mom is remembered through stories recounted by Frank, his sister Kay, and his best friend Mona.  Entrenched in the story is Frank’s journey as a gay, Coast Salish man returning to his home and accepting his place within his Indigenous community. This show sold out it’s one-night YOU Show run in November, 2012.

January 2013
PRODUCER: Mika Laulainen
SHOW: The Runaway

The Runaway is a show about love, loss, acceptance, and extra terrestrials. Sam runs away from home to live in the forest in order to convince passersby to help her save the world from an alien abduction on the ten year anniversary of her sister’s death.  Through narration, physical storytelling, audience inclusion, and ukulele duets, Sam’s story takes us on a journey from crazed activism to a place of real heart. This show is a bittersweet slice of life with a dash of humour and a pinch of song. Recommended for ages 8 and up this play was originally created and produced as a 10 minute play for Theatre SKAM’s Bike Ride 2012 and it was selected to remount on Oct 20th as a part of Capital Arts Council event at Victoria City Hall. The full version was programmed as part of Kaledioscope Theatre’s 2nd Annual Family Festival in May 2014.

February 2013
PRODUCER:  John Green
SHOW: The Occupied Mind of Mr. K

The Occupied Mind of Mr. K. is a riotous, unnerving black comedy of the supernatural and the 1%. When jobless programmer Vijay learns of a billionaire’s recent death, he hatches the ultimate scheme: to get his friend Pericles, a psychic meditation expert, to take over the billionaire’s “vacant” body and gain them control of his business empire. This show went on to run at the 2013 Victoria Fringe Festival.

March 2013
PRODUCER: Scott Thompson
SHOW: An Improvised Dungeons and Dragons

For the first time in Victoria, the classic game of Dungeons and Dragons takes to the stage in an improvised, theatrical adaptation of one of the most prolific fantasy adventure games of all time.  The cast is comprised of Pick of the Fringe performers, and members of local improv company Paper St. Theatre. Dave Morris, Missie Peters, Byron Kjeldsen, and Nicole Olszewski, have stepped into the shoes of medieval heroes, in attempt to quell an evil force from regaining power, all while following the rules of Dungeons and Dragons v3.5, complete with Dungeon Master, and dice rolls! This show sold out it’s You Show presentation.

April 2013
PRODUCER: Jessica Hickman and Sum Theatre
SHOW: ALICE: A Staged Reading

An original adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, ALICE, is a theatrical adventure blending text and movement by Jessica Hickman and Joel Bernbaum. In this new family friendly play,  Alice’s journey could easily belong to any one of us. We meet the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and other classic characters as they move in and out of the story using physical theatre, choreography and music.

May 2013
PRODUCER: Nicolle Nattrass
SHOW: MAMAHOOD: Turn and Face the Strange

Nicolle Nattrass presents a staged reading of a new solo work in progress. Mamahood: Turn and Face the Strange is a sound and text exploration of one woman’s journey to an alternate time and space, Planet Mamahood. This show has gone on to PGC readings in Nanaimo and a reading was presented during Kaledioscope Theatre’s 2nd Annual Family Theatre Festival in May 2014, and Nicolle is performing the show as part of the Firehall Arts Centre’s (Vancouver) season in Fall, 2016.

July 2013
PRODUCER: Diana Kuch
SHOW: Untitled

Dianna Kuch presents Untitled. A stand up comedy show that takes you on a hilarious romp through her extended mid-life crisis which spans over two decades. The show is a celebration of imperfection and a testimony to the power of F$@!ing up

 August 2013
PRODUCER: Launch Pad Productions
SHOW: Watch for Bones

Launch Pad Productions presents Watch for Bones. A fast, fresh, and uproariously funny comic sketch show that combines the stylishly smart with the side-splittingly silly. Launch Pad is a Pick of the Fringe winning company and has created original sketch comedy shows and has partnered with local imrpov company Paper Street with The Half Time Show.

September 2013
PRODUCER: 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac
SHOW: The Anthropocalypse – A Psychedelic Talk Opera

2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac present The Anthropocalypse – A Psychedelic Talk Opera. A unique blend of poetry and theatre, fact and fiction, surrealist satire and modern fantasy, that explores the mythical revelation of the Anthropocalypse (or humanity’s self-destruction), through the stories of two young men from a community in BC’s fabled Cadillac Mountains, who find themselves lost when their home is destroyed. This show has been a smash hit at spoken word festivals across the country, and played at the 2014 Victoria Fringe Festival.

October 2013
PRODUCER: Break Contemporary Circus
SHOW: Sense;Or

Break Contemporary Circus presents Sense,Or. Mixing elements of contemporary circus, theatre and dance, Sense;Or takes viewers on one man’s journey to rediscover the value of his senses in the wake of a life threatening accident.

Sense;Or was presented as part of Vancouver’s CircusFest 2014.

November 2013
PRODUCER: Karen Lee Pickett
SHOW: Slick

On the Lam productions presents Slick. A reading of a solo show about a woman whose career as a publicist for the oil industry takes a turn when she goes to Texas to care for her dying father and discovers the pipeline about to come through his backyard.Slick was presented as a work in progress as an UnoWork at Uno Fest 2014, and as a full production at Uno Fest in 2015.

December 2013
PRODUCER: Liz Crocker
SHOW: The Forerunner

Salt Frog presents a staged reading of “The Forerunner”. Developed in workshops and mounted as a short work for Theatre Skam’s Bike Ride 2013, “The Forerunner” is written and performed by Liz Crocker. Liz’s French Acadian grandmother, Grandmere, has left her a legacy of forerunners and ghost stories. But is that all? Two voices untangle the mysteries. A one woman show, or is it?

February 2014
PRODUCER: Andy Garland
SHOW: Deadmonton

Fishbowl Productions is proud to present DEADMONTON, a dark poetic drama from award-winning playwright Andy Garland. Set in the deep winter of 2008, it tells the story of two strangers (Richard Meen and Starlise Waschuk) who meet by chance… and both share the same violent hobby.

March 2014
PRODUCER: Molison Farmer/Kerploding Theatre

Kerploding Theatre’sWord Play, a play for young audiences that tells the story of three young monsters: a dancer, a musician and a writer, using live original music, movement, poetry and dialogue.This piece supported a Theatre for Development in Tamil Nadu, India.

April 2014
PRODUCER: Mika Laulainen/star star theatre
SHOW: Paper Dreams

In star star theatre’s Paper Dreams, a writer receives a gift from her father, the private journals he kept through highschool. The writer, with her own old journals, decides to put her sixteen year old self in a room with her teenage dad – and ask some questions utilizing puppetry and found text.

Paper Dreams was originally developed as one of Intrepid Theatre’s Petri Dish residencies at Winterlab 2014, and was then presented as a workshop production at the 2014 rEvolver festival.

May 2014
PRODUCER: Robin Gadsby and New Blood Theatre
SHOW: The Princess Rescue Force

They are the best and the brightest, handpicked for excellence, superior in every way, the elite. That’s right damsels, distress no more…. the Princess Rescue Force is here! This solo show featured over 15 characters, played by Gadsby and directed by Kieran Wilson.

The Princess Rescue Force was presented as a part of Theatre SKAM’s Bike Ride 2014 and the 2014 Victoria Fringe Festival.

July 2014
PRODUCER: Angela Ferreira
SHOW: The Peaceful Sea

A multi-disciplinary telling of Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe that explored the dichotomy of hero vs villain.

August 2014
PRODUCER: Robbie Huebner
SHOW: The Dangers of Daphne

Daphne’s sick of being tied to railroad tracks. Or purloined by some mustachioed villain. Ever since she moved to Hollywood to become an actress Daphne’s been nothing but an object the Man-of-the-Week rescues. Sure, her movie serials are popular, but what good is popularity when you’re not in control? What happens when a 1914 film star isn’t content to sit pretty?

September 2014
PRODUCER: Randi Edmunsdon/Waddle Waddle Productions
SHOW: Francine and Frankie B Make ART!

Francine and Frankie B, veteran puppet performers, are tired of performing just for kids. Looking for a change, they have decided create Art. However, just when they are ready to begin the audience arrives! They solicit help from the audience, resulting in a wild, all-ages show, featuring live music, shadow puppetry, and audience participation.

October 2014
PRODUCER: Monica Ogden/Patronus Theatre
SHOW: Kid Psychic (and Shyface)

Third grader Sam, the Kid Psychic, and her best friend Shyface, journey from 7 to 17 in this exploration of  what school is teaching today’s youth about the “real world.” An honest look into how two kids grow up in our education system.

Kid Psychic was first workshopped at The Belfry Theatre’s Spark Festival as a mini-play in 2013, and appeared at Intrepid Theatre’s Homo for the Holidays 2014.

November 2014
PRODUCER: Yvette Dudley-Neuman/ tteeVy enterprises
SHOW: The “F” Words

A fierce & funny foray on being 40…ish.  This solo show by Vancouver actor and playwright Yvette Dudley-Neuman was presented as the first reading, with a talkback after to aid in the development of the work.  The subsequent draft was awarded Honourable Mention in the 2014 Theatre BC Play Writing Competition and the debut production will occur at the 35th Edmonton Fringe Festival and then at the Vancouver Fringe in 2016.

February 2015
: Yule Bleed
PRODUCER: Laura Simons/Catador Theatre

What happens to the family that bleeds together? Find out as the Hoffmans make a family trip to the shopping mall to donate blood on Christmas Eve, in this new play by Laura Simons. One thing is certain- Yule Bleed!

March 2015
SHOW: Agency and Empathy
PRODUCER: Ian Simms/ Theatre Theatre

What makes a man become a Men’s Rights Activist? Agency and Empathy is the journey from loneliness to confusion to misogyny. But as the anger rises between MRA’s and feminists, there are those who rather see war than resolution.

April 2015
The Lab, a part of Theatre SKAM’s SKAM Remixed Series
PRODUCER: Chase Hiebert/Theatre SKAM

Originally written by SKAM’s Matthew Payne, the 2014 SKAM interns will re-write and re-mount The Lab as part of the “SKAM Remixed Series.” Inside the lab, technicians work to grow andculture embryos. When a new arrival joins the team and breaks the strict rules under which embryos are grown, surprising results emerge. SKAM expanded their one day YOU Show to a two week run as part of their season.

June 2015
Dr. Quincy’s Emporium of Anthropomorphism and Personification
PRODUCER: Matt Cowlrick

This black comedy follows an eccentric and twisted scientist who has been experimenting on inanimate objects and animals. Through his studies, he has discovered how to give these objects and creatures not only the power of speech, but the ability to feel human emotions.

July 2015
 A Conspiracy of Ravens
PRODUCER: Karen Lee White

Both Satan and Jesus are tired of their respective roles, and meet up in Victoria’s Chinatown for Bubble Tea. They encounter a Raven spirit who tells them in no uncertain terms what their issues are, and that mankind is ready to embrace and take responsibility for own their inner light and darkness. This show sold out its YOU Show run of two shows and went on to be performed at the LA Fringe.

August 2015
 Places to Wait
PRODUCER: Aaron Simm

Places to Wait is a one man show that looks at what happens during the downtime of an epic journey. An intimate look into the space after you have left, but before you have arrived. Places to Wait takes a look under the surface, to see what is really going when there is nothing happening. Filled with spoken word, humor, and heartbreak, this narrative story is about new beginnings, old friendships, and a lifetime of waiting to get out of Winnipeg. Aaron went on to tour this show to the Winnipeg and Toronto Fringes in 2016.

September 2015
SHOW: SCAPE: Victoria
PRODUCER: Colette Habel

SCAPE: Victoria is a devised theatre piece constructed by a director as auteur and a company of 3-6 actors. The piece explores and illustrates life in an urban center and the seemingly fragile but poignant relationships formed by those that live within them as told through the perspectives of the collaborating artists.

December 2015
SHOW: After the Beep
PRODUCER: Pamela Bethel

Part confessional, part show-and-tell, After the Beep uses voice recordings from Pamela’s “private” teenage phone line. It’s a chapter from Pamela’s life – documented in everyone’s voice but her own.

February 2016
PRODUCER: Andrew Barrett/Impulse Theatre

A physical theatre piece featuring a trio of male performers that explores the need to hunt through the lens of the animal.

March 2016
SHOW: Mack the Nurse: the Legacy of Carl Gustaffson
PRODUCER: Paul Shortt

An absurd puppet play about a nurse who winds up on a journey across the country to meet a woman he’s never met, to give her recently deceased father’s prized possession – the family photo album.

April 2016
SHOW: Once Upon A Coffee Break
PRODUCER: Kayla Hart/hartofsilver productions

Once Upon A Coffee Break – a new play by aspiring playwright (and former barista) Kayla Hart  – takes classic tales like The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Princess and the Pea and brings them into your neighbourhood cafes. Will everyone live caffeinated ever after?

March 2016
SHOW: The Succubus: a gothic puppet tale
PRODUCER: Jane Bee/Levity Silt Co. with Kat Taddei

A whimsical exploration of love, buried dreams, and the things that knock us off-balance. Told through the use of puppetry and stilt, The Succubus is the story of a macabre mama and her ghoulish babe. This piece started out at The Belfry’s Spark Fest as a mini play.

October 2016
SHOW: The Quiet Environmentalist / Howl
PRODUCER: Carolyn Moon/Saturna Theatre

A two-part workshop evening, featuring a staged reading of Howl, based on the works of Allen Ginsberg and adapted by Rebecca Marchand and Carolyn Moon. Can an artist be artistic without being tragic?  Followed by a performance of Carolyn Moon and SJ Valiquette’s acclaimed Fringe show, The Quiet Environmentalist, a story about mothers’ relationships with their daughters who have eating disorders, told through spoken word and storytelling.

October 2016
SHOW: What a Nice Place to Be
PRODUCER: Vino Buono / Kat Taddei, Written by Dominik Buconjic

When psychic Penelope Swann loses the ability to telepathically communicate with her partner Anthea, she’ll do anything to avoid the newfound loneliness in her thoughts. Refuge arrives in the form of a novelty replica of the bar from her favourite sitcom. As Penelope retreats from the world, the line between television and reality begins to crumble. Fast-paced and bitingly satirical, What a Nice Place to Be is the debut work from UVic playwriting student Dominik Buconjic. Directed by Kat Taddei.

November 2016
SHOW: Trying On Your Dead Mom’s Underwear
PRODUCER: Erin Cotton

Puberty is hard enough the first time around, try doing it twice. A classic coming of age tale with life or death chase scenes, star crossed lovers, dirty little secrets and in your face poetry. Erin Cotton is asking you to look in the mirror of her life and see yourself reflected.

November 2016
SHOW: How to Want

To the untrained eye, Sarah is just your run-of-the-mill asexual. To Sarah, she is a sexual in training. A stranger to any kind of sexual desire, Sarah uses herself as a subject in a series of google search based experiments to learn how to want someone in the illogical world of sexuality. She may accidentally discover a few things about herself along the way.

December 2016
SHOW: Calling Home: Stories From Military Families
PRODUCER: Kris Atwood/Kathleen Greenfield

Calling Home is a documentary play about Army, Navy and Air Force members across Canada separated by huge distance trying to keep the sense of family alive for months at a time. Based on interviews where members and their spouses speak about “family being dolled out in 15 minute increments” via skype, telephone and snail mail. Written by Kris Atwood with Dramaturgical support and direction by Kathleen Greenfield (Little Orange Man, Sleeping Giants at William Head)Calling Home is a workshop performance and first phase of an ongoing project.

January 2017
Perestroika and Drops in a Broken Fountain: A Reading of New Work
PRODUCER: Emma Leck & Nadine Cordery
Two groups of aspiring artists join forces to present a double bill of staged readings of their new plays Perestroika and Drops in a Broken Fountain. Perestroika is the story of Rachel, a university student coping with loss and illness and exploring the intricacies of growth, grief, and Gorbachev. Drops in a Broken Fountain features Sergey, a former member of a Russian extremist group, coming to terms with his own morality and coping with his past.
Perestroika is written by Kelly O’Donnell, Emma Carter, and Rahat Saini, and will be directed by Rahat Saini. Drops in a Broken Fountain is written by Emma Leck and will be directed by Nadine Cordery.

February, 2017
A Woman’s Guide to Peeing Outside and Other Adventures
Holly Brinkman
Written and Performed by Holly Brinkman
Directed by Andrew Barrett
A workshop presentation of Holly Brinkman’s all-new one-woman storytelling show about growing up, navigating a world which favours men, and consistently getting into strange situations where she really has to pee.

March 2017
The Métis Story Box
Wayne Grafton

What happens when you are told to go up on a hill and scout for buffalo, but when you come down everything is different? And who can you talk to about it? What happens next is one of the stories from the Métis Story Box.

April 2017
The Pansy Craze
Avery Brennan

Written by Avery Brennan, Dramaturgy by Christopher Weddell

A new musical presented as a stage reading. In the early 1930s, an expectant father is forced to partner with a political drag queen in a Manhattan speakeasy. There, he discovers a revolution waiting to launch, and the weight of his voice as they perform for New York’s finest. Is he willing to sacrifice the life and family he’s built for the sake of speaking out? Optional audience talk-back session to follow the performance.

May 2017
The Waterman’s Daughter
Katrina Kadoski

Written and performed by Katrina Kadoski.
The Waterman’s Daughter tells the story of Lillian Corbin,  an impoverished girl from a broken home in a small east coast fishing town, early 1900’s.  Against many odds, she became an author, banker, philanthropist, actress and the person they named the town library after.  A one-woman show, musical, multimedia drama.

October 7, 2017
SHOW:-Live Group Sex Therapy 
PRODUCER: Dick Loss Prevention/Ryan Levis

Ryan Levis, author of Dick Loss Prevention, is bringing his style of utterly vulgar comedy sex education to the YOU Show Series. If you’ve A, got a dick, or B, enjoy the occasional dick this show is bound to leave you in stitches thinking about how a dick can be a beautiful thing. It’s comedy dick jokes to raise the bar on how dudes do it. So shelve that knee jerk offended-ness and preconceived idea of how sex education is boring, and come along on a hilarious journey to discover the magical satisfaction that dicks have to offer! The show deconstructs the sexual stereotypes of masculinity and attempts to encourage men into more pro-social sexual and mental health practices.

November 3, 2017
SHOW:-A Thousand Anxious Nights
PRODUCER: Dana Neily

There’s nothing funnier than a serious mental illness! Spoken word performer Dana Neily attempts to unravel the truth about the lies we tell ourselves, starting with the biggest one we were told as children: YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE. Through poetry and storytelling, common tales like celebrating your nineteenth birthday, not punching people at funerals, and the power of friendship from beyond the grave, will be told and turned over in the light of Dana’s experiences with anxiety and depression.

November 4, 2017
SHOW:-Are We Clear? 
PRODUCER: Bridget Roberts & Jasmine Li  

It’s not as simple as you see. The red jelly bean isn’t always strawberry. The green one isn’t always apple. The people you see everyday have different stories than yours. Are We Clear? is a devised piece created by UVic theatre students striving to uncover the world of invisible disabilities. The Victoria community has been integral in our devising process, sharing their experiences with us. When you see someone constantly misspelling a word, do you think she’s dumb? Or do you consider that she might have dyslexia? How about when a young man takes the priority seat on a bus, do you see him as disrespectful? Or could he have chronic pain? These are just a couple of examples you could see on a daily basis. Come together with us to reevaluate what it is to be “normal”.

Nov 23, 2017
PRODUCER: Kholby Wardell

Through personal stories, original songs, movement and drag, Kholby Wardell reflects on the triumphs and tragedies of his and his Mom’s journey through her eating disorders, mental illness, abuse, love, and loss. LIFE ON REPEAT explores patterns of grief and self destruction and his fear that the cycle will never be broken. Join Kholby for this first workshop presentation of a new one-person musical about love, life, family, and finally… moving forward.

Jan 12+13, 2018
SHOW: open face beholding
PRODUCER: Delaney Tesch

One-part living art exhibition, one-part theatre performance, open face beholding is an exploration of the relationship between atheist artists and Catholic iconography. Creator Delaney Tesch seeks out the liminal space between sacred and profane – a space which inspires both faith and creativity – and brings it to life in this immersive new performance piece.

Feb 2+3, 2018
SHOW: Standing Still & Tusk Turns 1! (Double bill)
PRODUCER: Cory Thibert & Tony Adams / 
May Can Theatre

Working title: Standing Still (by Cory Thibert)
A staged reading
When Cory was 18-years-old, he found life pretty confusing.
Did he really lose his virginity to his girlfriend?
Who is that man that walks out of all of his plays?
How does a pet mouse represent true love?
And how does he still not know the specifics of his Mom and Dad’s disability?

Tusk Turns 1! (by Tony Adams)

After 33 years of being alive, Tusk, is having his first ever birthday. Come celebrate with him and cousin, Tilly, as Tusk goes from zero to being one. Tusk Turns One! is a look at family and cycles of abuse that is equal parts birthday celebration, bruises, and apology (with karaoke, violence, and cake, respectively).

Writer, Creator, Performer – Tony Adams
Creator, Performer – Cory Thibert

March 16 +17, 2018
SHOW: Animal Medicine
PRODUCER: Eddi Wilson

What do you get when you cross a Two-Spirit Métis agnostic, a career in veterinary medicine, and a pathological preoccupation with parasites? Part biology lesson, part pet therapy session; Animal Medicine explores the experience of a self identified human seeking a cure for their condition. Eddi Wilson uses music, monologue and movement to dissect what they have learned from a life spent staring in the microscope. Animal Medicine was programmed as part of OUTstages 2018.

April 6+7, 2018
SHOW: Mixed-up
PRODUCER: Surrounded By Owls/John Aitken

Mixed-up explores the many over-lapping cultural similarities between John Aitken’s Coast Salish lineage and his Scottish lineage. This production will explore John’s struggles and celebrations to define his identity as a person of mixed ancestry.

November 2-3, 2018
PRODUCER:Hannah Mariko Bell
SHOW: Kansha

November 30-December 1, 2018
PRODUCER: Megan Chandler
SHOW: Between Translation

January 11-12, 2019
PRODUCER: Carolyn Moon
SHOW: Horizontal Lines

February 1-2, 2019
PRODUCER: Ingrid Moore
SHOW: Radium: A Love Story

March 1-2, 2019
SHOW: How To Tame a Dog

April 5-6, 2019 – POSTPONED
PRODUCER: Sionainn Phillips
SHOW: Educational Assistant and Equine Assisted Counsellor

July 24, 2019
PRODUCER: Nyla Carpentier
SHOW: Dissection of a Modern Day Indian/Aboriginal/First Nation/Indigenous/Native/Full-Blood/Status/Non-Status/Halfbreed/Metis/Rez/Urban Mixed Heritage Woman.

August 2, 2019
PRODUCER: Katrina Kadoski
SHOW: The Waterman’s Daughter

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