Metro Accessibility

The Metro Studio is wheelchair accessible and has one wheelchair accessible, all-gender washroom on the main floor. The other washrooms are on the second floor of the Victoria Conservatory of Music (which the Metro is attached to), and are not wheelchair accessible. They are up a staircase that has railings on both sides, and down a hall. For Intrepid festivals and events they are all-gender. Renters can choose whether to designate them as gendered or not.

The floor of the Metro lobby is slightly sloped.  It has a railing on one side. The lobby is very small and for busy shows we often arrange line-ups outside.

The backstage area and dressing room are wheelchair accessible, although the doorway to the dressing room has a lip. The entrance to the stage, and the stage itself, are on one level.

The audience seating area has one row of removable chairs on ground level for wheelchair seating. The rows of seats above ground level are tiered and accessed via three aisles which have stairs. The house right aisle has one railing, the house left aisle has a ledge you can lean on but no railing, and the centre aisle has no railing or support. The stairs in the seating area are uneven in height and depth.

The technician’s booth is accessed via stairs, at the top of the tiered seating area.

The lobby lights are soft. The lighting backstage and in the upstairs (washroom) hallway is fluorescent. The working lights inside the theatre are fluorescent, and there is stage and house lighting for performances.

The concession/bar is on floor level, accessed through a low doorway followed by a narrow entryway. The space behind the bar is very small.

Note that the only running water on the main floor is in the backstage (accessible) washroom. There is a water fountain on the second floor near the upstairs washrooms.

Visual Guide

A visual story is available for the Metro Studio Theatre. This guide includes photos and text that will help you get to know the space. It is designed for audience members who want to prepare in advance of their visit (i.e. does not contain information about backstage or technical aspects) but may be useful if you are looking to rent the venue.

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Intrepid Theatre is located on the lands of the Lekwungen People, now known as the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. We give our thanks and respect to the stewards of these lands, and to elders, past, present and future.